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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we're paying special attention to the housing crisis. tonight a man who says he's being evicted from his apparent for no apparent reason and he's not the only one. >> there's a spike in complaints ahead of a new state law that would make it illegal for land lords to push out tenants without a valid reason. now what's being done. ali wolf has more from the peninsula. >> reporter: for 20 years, andrew has lived at brewster place apartments in redwood city. he was planning to stay at least a decade more. >> the notice was taped like this. >> reporter: on november 1st, he got this 60-day eviction notice on his door and mailbox. he says he's being kicked out for no reason. >> i always pay one day in advance. i have for the past ver been la.
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>> reporter: he expects the is in suspense of the new legislation requiring land lords to have a valid reason to remove at t remove tenants. redwood city leaders took action. they passed an ordinance issue preventing tenants from being displaced. saying it's a shame that come unscrupulous land lords have chosen to exacerbate displacement and homelessness in in order to make obscene profits. >> they're disregarding the issued three days after the ordinance went into effect. he's ready to fight so he can stay home. >> the law is pretty clear. i don't think they have a leg to stand on. >> there's a new housing study
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that unveils bleak numbers for california. the state is home to four of the nation's most five most spencive housing markets. in case you're wondering, l.a. is number 7. there's more. over 40% of californians pay more than 30% of their income just to keep a roof over their head. that's the highest rate in the nation. it applies to owners and renters. a local story is making national headlines. and tonight we have the exclusive interview. the teacher at milpitas high school who dressed in black face for halloween says he's remorseful and wants his job back. >> my actions were perceived that way and offended so many people. i'm truly sorry and i apologize. >> he says he dressed up as the artist named common as a sign o who's an artist and social activist says he wants to meet
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with the teacher. scott budman talked one on one with common who happened to be in town tonight. we begin with robert handa with the teacher's side of the story. robert. >> reporter: the teacher, david carter, told me when he did his impression of common the rapper it was part of a homage but acknowledges he did go too far is now seeking forgiveness. >> i had no intention to come across as black face. my actions were perceived that way and offended so many people. i'm truly sorry and i apologize. >> reporter: 48-year-old david carter is struggling to explain what he did while trying to deal with the worldwide mostly negative reaction to his decision to dress up as rapper and social activist common and teach class. he says the halloween presentation was planned for weeks and that his engineering students expected it. >> this was an homage to a man that i deeply respect.
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black face is not an homage to a person. it's a din grags to an entire race based on false stereotypes and hate. i have no hate. >> reporter: carter says he hopes this whole episode can start a dialogue about understanding and appreciating culture, and he hopes he can do it in his classroom. >> my students are brilliant, and i miss them. and i need to get back to my class. >> what should they take into consideration since they're dealing with such a backlash now? what should they take into consideration to take you back? >> they should take into consideration that i recognize that what i did was totally insensitive and a little bit tone deaf. >> reporter: now, carter also met with the local naacp and
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said the meeting went well but when i talked to the naacp president, he said the organization is still upset. for now carter remains administrative leave awaiting word from the school district. >> thank you, robert. so, what does the man he was imitating think? scott budman talked to common about an hour ago. scott, the rapper would actually like to speak to that teacher. >> reporter: yeah, it's interesting, jessica. common told me he was disappointed by the whole thing and it all caught him by surprise. but he said it's a chance to educate. he said if he had more time he wouldn't mind going by the school and meeting the teacher himself. rapper and social activist common was in town for a keynote at a tech conference but took the time to talk with us one on one about the video of the milpitas high school teacher who mimicked him in black face. >> my first initial response was
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like what the hell, like what are you doing? how could you even think about doing that? >> reporter: the artist says he first saw the video when his daughter sent it too him. >> understanding for what it is for black people, brown people, people of color who have been treated less than. and that black face represents that in many ways. >> reporter: but common also calls the episode a teachable moment and says he'd be willing to talk more about it including directly with the teacher. >> i believe in forgiveness. i believe in understanding and compassion enough to the point where i'm willing to sit and talk with the individual and also bring others who can dig deeper into the education of what black face has come from. >> reporter: common also wanted to make sure he got the word out that he was really impressed by the students in the classroom. during the video, he heard no laughing, no cheering, no
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disrespect. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. air bnb says it will pay for funeral expenses for the deadly shooting in arenda. five people were killed at a house party at an air bnb rental on halloween night. this comes after the family of one of the victims blasted the company's lack of response to the shootings. the search continue frs a gunman who shot a man on a busy corner in san francisco. it happened this morning after 10:00 a.m. on 6th and market street. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. two former twitter employees are getting internationalio they're accused of using their position to spy for the saudi government.
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>> we know saudi arabia has had a particular interest in controlling twitter and sneaking spies in as employees is a good way of doing that. >> reporter: these are the two spies that saudi arabia hired to steal information from twitter about people critical of the kingdom. agents arrested this man yesterday, but his former twitter colleague ali alzabara is still wanted along with a third man who acted as an severe immediate yar. >> for a lot of countries in that region, they want to control what happens on that site. >> reporter: daniel brian works for the electronic frontier foundation, an organization that aims to protect human rights and civil liberties on the internet. he says many governme some of their strongest critics use that site a lot.
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addresses, i.p. ing informa addresses and dates of birth to the saudi government. twitter issued this statement about the case saying, quote, we recognize the lengths bad actors will go to try and undermooine r service. our company limits access to sensitive account information to a limited group of trained and vetted employees. the fbi here in san francisco wants saudi arabia to send them back to the united states to face charges including acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government and threatening national security. reporting live in san francisco, anoushah rasta. >> thank you. shares of gap fell today on e stepping down. art pack has been ceo since 2015. the chairman of the board will take over in the interim as gap continues to struggle with slumping sales. the legendary san francisco
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based company opened in 1969 and is now in the process of dividing its many brands into two separate companies. slow down, that's the message contra costa is sending to messages. officers arresting a driver on highway 4 speeding and driving without a license. last night they posted two other drivers they arrested. each of them clocked in over 100-miles-per-hour on the same highway. the tweet, instant karma. cops on campus as parents wait anxiously. plus he doesn't want to be called a hero but he's going to get a heroes welcome tonight. how the raiders are planning to honor the b.a.r.t. employee who saved a man's life on the i chif raniere, after a high of 78 in concord down to 61 i'll show you where we dip into the 30s tomorrow morning, new updates in 8 minutes.
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a tense day for a lot of parents and students in san ramon. the school district says graffiti was found in the bathroom warning that there would be a school shooting at noon. district officials locked down the school as extra police officers were brought in. they ultimately determined the threat was a hoax but not before dozens of parents gathered right here campus hoping to get their children out. >> he called me first. he text me there is an official there and i go through the emails and there is an email saying the same. >> what went through your mind? >> i'm so scared actually. >> the all-clear was given around 1:15 this afternoon. extra officers will be on campus tomorrow as well. the raiders won't be the only ones cheered tonight. a b.a.r.t. employee who saved a
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man's life will be honored as well. no matter how many times you've seen it, john o'connor is the b.a.r.t. supervisor and saved lesean jackson's life. jackson stumbles on to the tracks as the train closes in. o'connor will be recognized on the field. we'll bring it to you at 11:00 so you can see it. a couple of high profile races in san francisco are still way too close to call and this is two days after the election. hours ago election officials sent us updated numbers for the district attorney's race. you can see it here, neck and neck, less than 900 votes separate the top two candidates. interim suzy lotftus and bowden. attacks as high as 3% would be
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added to uber and lyft rides in san francisco. 67% are yes votes. a two third super majority is needed to mass. a top aide to presidential candidate is apologizing for offers he made to politicians. pat murphy says he's sorry for any miscommunications. several lawmakers say they offered him campaign contributions in exchange for endorsement of steyer. the offers don't violate campaign law unless they are not publicly disclosed. one specific flavor is the top choice for underagedmint, bs out. the san francisco based company announcing it will stop filling orders immediately. mint is the popular pick for the underage smokers. while the decision comes straight from juul itself, cities across the bay area have
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stopped selling flavored ecigs months ago. a person familiar with juul's expenses says mint pods account for 70% of sales. jacqueline berlin says her son is now sober and back at home after living on the streets for years. that was the easy part, she says. she says the tough part is getting him in treatment before his disease leads him back out on the street. melissa colorado spoke to the mom about the reunion. >> kind of like a honeymoon phase right now where he's getting loved on a lot by his family. >> if this week is the honeymoon, the last two years have been hell. jacqueline berlin's son is addicted to heroin. for the last two years he was homeless in the bay area. a b.a.r.t. passenger snapped
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this photo of him. it was a sign he was alive but desperate need of help. two months ago, berlin broke her silence and asked viewers to help find her son. >> he told me i don't know what you did but so many people are coming up to me telling me to go home, you are loved. he got more clarity and realized he wanted to stay that way. >> reporter: on halloween, a clean and sober cory ended up at his mother's doorstep. >> we're at a critical moment. >> reporter: berlin has been placed on a wait list at a rehab program. >> leaving him alone is scary. >> reporter: berlin says her son needs inpatient care as soon as possible. dr. charles florez, a board certified addiction specialist who has never treated sylvester agrees. >> most likely is going to need some level of residential care
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because spending that much time out in the street you're going to come across a lot of challenges. >> this was an open bed in a rehab, please let my son in. >> reporter: we reached out to the alameda county behavioral health care services but did not hear back from anyone with a substance abuse treatment program. in the meantime jacqueline says cory is attending a recovery meeting tonight. >> melissa, thank you. a first of its kind preschool in the south bay opens next fall. this morning the school district unveiled the adelante campus, the first dual version preschool where students learn english and spanish. it lays the foundation for students to become successful in college and beyond. >> this is the commitment our school district has for creating students ready for the global
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economy and literacy. >> registration for the school is open regardless of where a student lives. super warm outside still. feels like we're almost back in summer. >> it's like everybody is looking at the counter going -- >> this is not right. >> yes. we're going to get changes that eventually will help to drop us down. let's get into the microclimate forecast on this thursday night. if you live anywhere near the coastline, you know it was all about that fog today which did provide a nice cool breeze. we only had a short window of sun rays in san francisco and now that fog is back thick. that's the top story at this hour, currently 52 here in san francisco. hang on to low 50s tonight stay another day where if you're commuting over any one of our bridges you should be ready for that fog and also the potential here of drizzle. so, might encounter slick spots.
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i wanted to make sure you're ready for that. otherwise we'll start with sunshine back here for the interior valleys. but go near the bay or san l have h hit the afternoon, sunshine returns for a little bit in san francisco. i did want to focus in on the temperatures tomorrow morning. it's another day where you have to get that jacket ready especially in marin, and napa. 44 here in napa, 46 in navarro. contra costa county, 46 in livermore and 40s from san jose down through valley. really everybody be on the look out for that patchy fog. once we t san jose, close to 80 in concord an.
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70s doesn't feel like the holidays, but if you want to get into the holiday spirit head out to union square in san francisco. we have the safeway holiday ice rink open tomorrow night. by 10:00 p.m. it'll be dropping to the 40s. that's the best we can do for holidayish weather right now. we'll have a look at the extended forecast in about 25 minutes. up next bringing technology to the great outdoors. the controversial idea that includes food trucks and amazon.
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>> mull over this idea. what do you think of food trucks at yosemite? it is an idea as park administrators struggle to balance commercialization. updating historic parks with better wifi, food trucks, and maybe even amazon deliveries at camp sites. >> not sure why you would need
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amazon packages to get delivered to you. >> we don't need food trucks. we don't need wifi. we don't need more garbage and people dropping hot dog wrappers. >> while concessions are very important we worry they're going to price families and outf our parks. >> it's supposed to be nature. that is a concern, especially with the national park service expecting sharp budget can you tells next year. it's the end of an era for an iconic flower shop. on sunday bay city flower company will close its doors after nearly 110 years in business. the store survived the great depression and the world war ii internment, but the owners say they're no longer available to weather high labor costs. it is seen as an ominous loomin recession. a unique groundbreaking
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recession featuring nancy pelosi back at home joined children and other dignitaries in the city to kick off the tunnel tops project. it's going to be a 14 acre public park on top of the freeway tunnels. now, the park will correct crissy field to the main post. soil had to be brought in to help start the project so instead of a groundbreaking, they dubbed it a ground making. >> whatever title you want to give me, no title is better than being the representative of san francisco, california. it's so beautiful. >> foggy and beautiful today. the $110 million project will be completed in 2021. >> it will be gorgeous. okay. he was called butr mevber o trump's cabinet who was ordered to testify at the president's impeachment inquiry. one year later we investigate pg&e's role as the cause of the devastating fire in
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right now at 6:30, new testimony and a no-show. the impeachment investigation ramps up on capitol hill a week before the showdown goes public. the first televised hearing starts next wednesday, but today house democrats released new transcripts of what they've heard behind closed doors. >> also behind closed doors testimony from a new witness, that witness not on president trump's team, but the vice president's team.
6:30 pm
janelle wang joins us with the latest. >> the public hearings don't start until next week but house democrats continue to call witnesses now to build their case for impeachment. one of the vice president's top advisers testifying in the impeachment inquiry in washington. meantime, the vp in new hampshire showing his support for president trump and a second term. but house democrats are focusing on the president's first term. jennifer williams who's on the vice president's national security team was on that july phone call when president trump alleged allegedly urged ukraine's president to investigate rivals. >> people will see that the president did nothing wrong. >> but house democrats beefing up their case releasing testimony of state department official george kent who said president trump wanted nothing
6:31 pm
less than go to the microphone and say investigation, biden, and clinton. >> this was a shakedown led by the president of the united states. >> president trump was denying a new "washington post" report that he wanted attorney general william barr to hold a press conference clearing him of wrong doing with the ukraine. barr did not do that but did decline to investigate the matter. multiple news outlets are confirming the report. >> what other conversations where are happening between the department and the white house when the department decided not to open a full investigation into this. >> also today john bolton was supposed to testify but skipped his m testimony. other witnesses have referenced concerns over back channel dealings in u whistleblower to testify. his attorney says he'll only answer in writing. janelle wang, b president york. it's a settlement in a lawsuit trump ordered by a judge in new
6:32 pm
over his cbleouation. new york's attorney general claims president trump allowed his staff to work on a fund-raiser. the judge ruled it was designed to further mr. trump's political campaign. the fine $2 million will be divided among 8 new york charities. pg&e and reporting big losses for a third quarter. the company says the losses are driven by catastrophic wild fires. the fires being blamed on outdated transmission lines. pg&e says the projected losses for this quarter, 6 billion. tomorrow is one year an verse ri the day the butte county fire started. pg&e's last chance to avert the disaster may have been doomed.
6:33 pm
>> here in the town of con cow, giant machinery is making quick work of clearing away the burned trees that once flourished along this mountain road. meanwhile prosecutors struggle for answers that the pg&e transmission line that was declared to be in good shape ended up sparking the campfire. >> it's a matter of justice. >> mike ramsey is butte county's district attorney. >> we're dig up through the corporate structure in trying to find out who did what when. >> his prosecutors are trying to find out just what pg&e knew about the power line, especially a worn hook that snapped on this tower, striking the fire that killed people. >> these were 98-year-old towers and 98-year-old towers would seem to desire more loving
6:34 pm
maintenance than was done here. >> our investigative units show that towers passed inspections just before the fire failed inspections immediately afterwards not because of damage from the wind storm fuelling the fire but from steady deterioration over decades like this worn hanger plate on one of the decommissioned towers or tower 1199 rated in being in great overall condition before the fire but no good/out of standard just weeks later. that worries mark tony, head of the rate payer group turn. >> the fact that pg&e could inspect eight transmission towers on one day and inspect the same eight a few weeks later and find that -- and reverse themselves gives nobody any confidence that pg&e has the capability to inspect and run
6:35 pm
their system properly. >> why the huge difference? >> catherine sandoval say former member of the public utilities commission. >> the first inspection was not thorough enough and sounds like wasn't done to -- certainly wasn't done to levels that are necessary to keep us safe. so, that's unacceptable. >> pg&e says it has decommissioned the line and the specific tower tied to the fire wasn't one it had inspected in the weeks beforehand. as for the other towers, the company says there are many reasons they may have caught problems there after the fire they didn't see earlier such as the condition may have arisen or become more visible since the last inspection or patrol or the enhanced inspection methods may have provided a better vantage point for detecting the condition. and while prosecutors may ultimately seek up to $2.5 million in fines and much more inest tugs, ramsey says the
6:36 pm
tragedy damaged niz community in ways that can't be measured like how people now keep track of time. >> you say there was bc, before camp, and ad, after destruction. so, there's a certain life changed on november 8th for the butte county community. >> jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. we're doing something new that's going to help you connect with our reporting in our various stories. take a look at the qr code that's on the bottoms of your screen there. take out your phone. you can simply point your camera to the code there. it'll instantly connect you to jaxon's investigative story. up next, the couple under arrest after detectives find a u-haul full of stolen goods and a few items in particular that have police especially concerned. don't miss the grand opening
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we mentioned just a minute ago a new way to connect to our stories and our investigative reports. you can take a look at the qr code. you see it there? it's on the bottom left of your screen. you can take out your phone and point your camera right at that code, bottom left of your screen. if you do that, it'll instantly connect you to jaxon van derbeken's investigative story we just ran about pg&e and the butte county fire last year. a man is dead after a shooting in vallejo. now police are trying to figure out what happened. happened tuesday just before 10:00 a.m. alabama street behind chief's bank. that's when a man was on the road who had been shot. he was take ton the hospital but later died. if you know anything about that shooting you are urged to call the police. a richmond student is accused of bringing a gun to cool. police were called to summit tal pie yas school yesterday. the school was locked down while police searched for the student. we're told an unidentified boy
6:40 pm
was arrested. the gun was found in his backpack. in mountain view two thieves accused of stealing police gear. police noticed a u-haul van parked close to a cole's store. officers confronted two people in the u-haul. he found stuff stolen from kohls and police gear. >> we're not going into too much detail about what was found but there were several duffel bags full of equipment we found. no guns. but items that are used for everyday police work in that the wrong hands if not used appropriately could be a problem. >> police being tight lipped not telling which agencies the gear came from. in the spot shadow there, a
6:41 pm
mountain lion making its way through someone's backyard and then jumping a fence. see it right there in that backyard. this is near rolling wood high school. >> oh, boy. that would be scary to see. make yourself big. scare it away. i say it every single time. >> we need you when we see that mountain lion. >> my gosh. okay. -- >> what do you got for us? >> i was thinking what i would do in that situation. >> make yourself big. >> exactly. >> call 911, there's a mountain lion. >> i know. late at night i've heard stuff and like what is that? is that a deer or something else? 61 degrees in walnut creek right now. we'll have updates in a few minutes. she stopped going to her local gym years ago so why was she still getting billed. nbc bay area responds next.
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bay area workers are taking home a little more pay than they were this time last year. the average wage rose nearly 3% from september 2018 to september 2019. that's according to the bureau of labor statistics. nationwide wages were up about the same. at the same time, bay area prices are up 2.7% over the year. more than of chicken is being recalled. the usda says the poultry might
6:45 pm
materials, specifically metal. the company is called simmons prepared foods. it shipped the chicken to restaurants, schools, and hospitals in california and seven other states. whole chicken, chicken legs, and wings. nbc responds to a south bay woman exhausted by gym membership mix up. >> she couldn't work out a deal to get thousands of dollars back. chris chmura stepped in to do heavy lifting. >> back in 2012 zora had a monthly membership to a gym. her job sent her overseas. she sent in paperwork to cancel the gym. she recently realized she had been payin the past seven total of 5 grand without setting foot inside. apparently the form was for a suspension not a cancellation. we reached out to the manager
6:46 pm
who asked us to reconnect her with zora to work things out and they did. zora got a check for $5,000. that's good money. check your auto pay bills every month. we've heard from dozens of viewers in situations like zora's. it's a mess. getting your money back after the fact can be a hassle. if that's happened to you, let us know. we're up to the challenge. 888-996-tips or visit >> okay chris, thank you. take a look. the wait is almost over. tesla will unveil its new electric pick up truck. down in l.a. is the unveiling. it's going to happen november 21st. the cyber truck has a h stopping dezooin with better utility for the ford f150 and superior performance to a porsche 911. the truck will seat six and starts around 50,000 bucks.
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remember the happy meal? had one lately? celebrating the 40th anniversary of happy meals with blasts from the past. beginning today you're going to find -- you remember the ham burglar? finding the cowboy mcnugget, the ham burglar, and the space jam bugs bunny. jimmy fallon is taking the show on the road, university of texas austin. fallen wore burnt orange and taped in front of 2,000 people, much bigger audience than 30 rock. >> we're going to go out and see the fans and see the people who are watching our show. >> why is he dressed belichilik mr. rogers. i love chip and joanna.
6:48 pm
>> jimmy does a really good job when he goes out in the public dealing with live audience. he's really funny. jeff, we're talking about friday tomorrow. >> we're not going to disappoint. we have a great rebound after fog for the morning hours. so, as we bring you into our microclimate forecast, we want to let you know about what's happening right now that will impact you for the morning hours. and that is our san francisco fog that's pretty classic here moving right into san francisco, also parts of the north bay. but i also want you to be on the look out for another danger tomorrow morning. and that's different kind of fog and this is ground fog that i think could be impacting some of i valleys of the northeast and the south bay. so, here's the deal. we have temperatures dropping into the 40s tomorrow morning. the dew point which is when air reaches its saturation point and condenses will also be in the 40s. when temperatures drop down to the dew point and they're basically equal, you'll get
6:49 pm
condensation, tiny water droplets formed, and that could create fog tomorrow morning. so, i want you to be on alert for that through the south bay, east bay, and north bay as you head off tomorrow morning on that commute. the forecast through tomorrow does have chilly temperatures to start, lots of 40s here as we talked about from the south bay through the peninsula and right here into the tri-valley. have that jacket ready. you might need a layer or two in the north bay as you'll be down to 40 degrees. once we move through the afternoon here, what you're going to see is sunshine returns from the north bay to the south bay. i think overall it will be a fog of the mng.rn around fro you'll see it in that forecast. as we move through tomorrow, nothing to worry about. 71 in cupertino and gilroy popping up to 78. over to the east bay, cool in oakland and hayward in the 60s. over to concord, 78, livermore,
6:50 pm
77. microclimate forecast at 70 here in redwood city, 10 degree drop to daily city because of the stronger ocean breeze. san francisco upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow. marin, napa and the valley, three day weekend. guilty of that? you get any kind of extended weekend just want to spend it here. 76 in napa, 73 in sonoma, and 75 in santa rosa. not that windy. we do have a air quality -- i think tomorrow it's moderate as h fi moving down.icles from the you look off towards the distance it's not going to be exactly clear. but when you look up you'll see the blue sky. on my extended forecast, upper 60s. once we hit veterans day on monday for san francisco notice clouds start to increase by
6:51 pm
wednesday and thursday. that's really the next big change we're keying in on. we could be down to average of 69 for the inland valleys once we hit next thursday. a sign of things trying to change, no rain fall just yet. hey, i'm happy with those changes. i think this weekend despite the mild upper 70s i'm still in for the psl, that pumpkin spice latte. >> pumpkin spice? >> yes! the clock is ticking. >> you can buy a gallon of it and put it away. >> i've got to get that psl. >> i was wondering where you were going with that, psl. thanks jeff. >> up next we'll check the coliseum with the raiders, going to hear from jimmy g. as well as the raiders get ready for a crucial match up. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple. case in point, if you get xfinity internet and mobile together, big savings on your wireless bill.
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tonight we have an old fashioned afc west showdown between the raiders and the chargers. this likely is the last prime time game the silver and black will play in oakland. the raiders are riding high after their big win sunday against the lions but the chargers also come in here with plenty of momentum after they beat aaron rodgers and the green bay packers.
6:55 pm
the raiders are trying keep playoff hopes alive. they're still in the hunt in the wildcard. we will have highlights and postgame reaction tonight on the news at 11:00. in oakland, anthony flores nbc bay area news. >> thank you anthony. while the raiders and chargers battle it, the 49ers are in the spotlight on monday. >> buzz and excitement at 49ers headquarters. how big of a game is it? if they win, they'll have a 2 1/2 game lead in the division. if they lose, it'll be just a half game lose. >> it'll be fun. it'll be a big atmosphere. levi's was rocking last name we played carolina and i wouldn't expect anything less on monday night. >> i think the neatest thing about it is it's the time all your peers get to watch you. all the coaches and players in the league. it's cool to be on national tv but i think it's special and the whole league gets to watch too.
6:56 pm
>> we'll be watching monday night football and levis will be rocking. that is the shark tank. this is a live look in san jose, the sharks hoping to turn their season around. the puck drops in 35 minutes from now. >> all right. it's going to be a nice week. >> yes. i think you guys aring go to love this weekend. >> we are? >> are we anywhere near the weekend? oh, my goodness. >> and monday night football at levi's. >> friday night lights? saturday, sunday -- once he hit saturday and sun, monday night football, 70s. >> you didn't tell me it's the weekend. >> good psl weather? >> yes, pumpkin spice latte. >> thanks for watching. have a great night.
6:57 pm
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♪ was the first time our lips touched. >> their first kiss, their first night together. the first on-camera interview with whitney houston's confidant. and wait till you hear what's straight from mom meghan. they dated? we are reminding you of long-forgotten which one of these three super stars went out with matthew mc honhad a? and his lovely wife ryan. >> it's nice to see you this evening. >> and i don't remember second grade being anything like this. time for a lesson in lizzo. ♪


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